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Services we do not offer

The items listed are refused for good reason. Feel free to reach out for any questions but these services are not offered for various reasons.


  • Piercing for children under the age of 7

    • I am more experienced with working with older kids. The number can change based on the child themselves, but in general, around 7 is when I am most comfortable offering piercings to minor (with parent consent of course). I do not do infants/babies.​

  • Tongue Piercings

    • These are perfectly safe when done correctly and downsized, but I am no longer comfortable offering them myself. I would advise to seek a piercer who is experienced with this piercing and has portfolio work of previous ones to ensure you end up with a good end product.​

  • Snake Eyes

    • These are refused for a multitude of reasons but this piercing is generally unsafe. There is no safe way to perform this piercing. Due to its location, it has a high risk of oral damage including teeth chipping or breakage, enamel wear, gum erosion, teeth falling out, nerve damage, speech impediment, early necessity oy of dentures and more. Some states this piercing is not legal to perform it's so dangerous.​

  • Horizontal Tongue (Scoop)

    • Similar to snake eyes, these are also dangerous due to the placement and high risk of oral wear and damage. Horizontal piercings in the tongue will generally not stay well, rejection should be expected with this piercing that may also lead to other complications.​

  • Horizontal Lip

    • This piercing can not be done safely due to the placement. The lip flexes, and due to the nature of how our lip/mouths move, they tend to reject due to that movement. If you like this piercing, it is worth it to consider a double inverse labret instead.

  • Dermal Anchors in High Risk Areas (ex, fingers, base of the neck, shoulder, feet, etc)

    • I will not put any dermal where it has a heightened risk of being ripped out, exposed to bacteria, etc. Dermals can virtually go anywhere but there are some areas that are still risky due to the interactions we have on a daily basis. Some areas are also just difficult to work with, and generally don't hold them well.​

  • Lower Lip Frenulum (Frownie)

    • This piercing has oral damage related risk. Mainly jewelry rubbing onto the enamels can cause damage over time gradually, or if the size is incorrect, can be bit on or chip teeth. Clients also often bite with the procedure, putting the practitioner at risk.​

  • Smiley

    • This piercing has oral related risk. Enamel wear and gum erosion. These can be done (although I no longer offer them) but they should not be kept as a permanent addition due to their nature of slowly damaging enamels/gums/teeth. It is incredibly important for clients to be aware of their dental health.​

  • Hand Webbing

    • This piercing is just risky. Placement is easily pulled on, agitated, and will not hold up over time with use of digits. This will result in excess scarring.​

  • Eyelid

    • I think this one speaks for itself. This piercing is much too dangerous, high risk of infection or damaging nerves near or in the eye. ​

  • Cheeks (Dimples)

    • Cheeks MUST be done by an experienced professional. It takes a very specific knowledge to not only perform these correctly, but ensure no salivary glands are damaged and lead to permanent leaking cheeks. They are also very fussy piercings, constantly needing upsizing and downsizing. They can be done safely, but I am not experienced on them nor am I comfortable offering this service due to the large amount of resources that goes to troubleshooting them.​

  • Dahlia

    • Risks are identical to cheeks, minus the worry of salivary gland puncture. However, these must be done correctly or they have a risk of rejecting if they're too shallow. These can also be very fussy piercings due to their placement. Also not an item I desire to put additional resources to. Also important to find a reputable piercer to do these as they can be done safely, but also has its own information that is necessary to keep them healthy and happy.​

  • Nasallang

    • Also not inherently bad, but I am not experienced in them. They also take a very specific knowledge base that is super vital to ensuring they are done right and heal well as they can also be fussy for some. ​

  • Tongue Webbing

    • This piercing is essentially just a plaque catcher. They also have a high rate of rejection. They aren't the worst thing in the word to have, but be aware of it at all times similar to the smiley and remove if any sign of oral damage becomes apparent. (Or rejection)​

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