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Sharkbite piercings

about the buisness

From inception in 2017, Sharkbite Piercings was the handle/alias used by the founder, Lucina Winters. For a long time, this was just the logo on a card with her name on it. "Striking and unique", a few had said. A very recognizable logo that was well loved. 


As Lucina became more educated and experienced with her craft, she decided to set the goal to open up her own shop, as she wanted only the absolute best for her clients.  It was apparent to her that although her techniques were good, the items being installed were not of high quality and often led to problems healing among other issues. There was also a large lack of selection and high demand for quality items that were unable to be provided at her previous location.


With fierce dedication, Lucina went to work on finding a location to host her dream studio. Once arranged and able, SHARKBITE PIERCINGS would soon become a reality, fittingly ending up in a location near the water. As of June 18th, 2022, we have been officially operating and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. The studio is a testament to Lucina's unwavering care toward her work, good ethics, and of course you - the clients. 

We hope someday to offer all kinds of shiny fun things and keep our promise to ensure a safe, fun, and comfortable experience each and every time.


about the piercer

Lucina Ezri Winters

Head Piercer & Shop Owner



Only available during buisness hours
Prefers text over calling



3413 Newport Boulevard
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Date of Birth:

May 26th

Fun Fact:

I am right hand dominant, but I am ambidextrous and can perform a majority of tasks with either hand as dominant. Notice when I pierce I sometimes will swap hands!

A Bit About Me

My name is Lucina Ezri Winters. Born May 26th in the SF Bay Area. I am a dog mom to two beautiful huskies, and live with my amazing husband.


Most of the time you can find me drawing, watching cartoons, gaming, or playing with my dogs. I love anything fantasy and sci-fi. I also really enjoy music, namely metal and electronic, although I am open to most things. My favorite animals are Sharks, dogs, and dragons.


Originally from the Bay Area, I moved down to Southern California at the end of 2014 to be with my now husband. Since I have been down here, I feel I have been much more successful and happy. Although it was gorgeous there, and there are things I miss, I feel much more at home here, especially working by the water.


I was apprenticed by David Duggan starting on March 27th, 2017, graduating October 9th, and since I have started piercing, I feel I am somewhere I flourish and I'm doing something I really enjoy. While it's not the kind of art I originally had in mind, I adore being able to decorate people with shiny things. 


We finally were able to get the house with a yard so Riker & Jack (my dogs) can run around freely.

I also hope to become successful with my art and create my own line of apparel and items.

For now, I hope to continue my career of piercing and providing you the best service and quality materials I possibly can.

Sharkbite Piercings was established as its own buisness on 6/18/2022.

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