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Only the BEST Quality from us!

Although not an APP member, we try to stay with only APP verified & stay compliant to their recommendations. If you are looking for jewelry, these are some of the brands that Sharkbite Piercings currently offer.

Why is this Important?

Most shops that do not disclose where they get their jewelry from are using very low quality metals. "Surgical Steel" is just as much a mystery metal as the meat in a jack in the box taco. If the items are not implant grade (surgical grade does NOT mean implant grade), it can cause disturbances in the healing process. When in doubt, you can ask for a mill certificate for steel and titanium items to ensure what you are buying meet the criteria for being implant grade. If the item is externally threaded, I would nearly guarantee that it is not a quality piece of jewelry.


Many online retailers will prey on client's ignorance of not knowing what is quality for the body. While some people can tolerate lower quality materials, these are never safe to pierce with, and should be worn with caution as some items can either having plating that can rub off, and possibly work into the skin/body, or cause micro abrasions due to poor quality finish. These low quality items are also far more likely to cause an allergic reaction to the average human. Usually not severe, but usually shows in bumps, continual redness, and in rare cases, rejection.

Brands I Carry

Here is a list of the brands I currently carry. This will be updated as new accounts are made or removed.

Last updated 3/1/2023

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