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This page is dedicated to frequently asked questions. If you have a specific question, you can use the "find" tool on your browser and type in a keyword to find what you are looking for. If this page doesn't answer your question, feel free to reach out with any questions!

Use the find tool to locate questions easily!

Q: I got a keloid--

A: I'm going to stop you right there...

99.9999% of the time it is NOT A KELOID. It is a piercing irritation bump and generally with proper care will go away. A keloid is typically a genetic disease and MUST be diagnosed by a doctor.

It is important to BE CAREFUL with your piercing as any number of things may lead to this. Excess moisture, trauma, touching, improper aftercare, improper jewelry, adding tea tree oil or other weird oils or creams, are all possibilities as to why they may occur. If they do, please reach out to me directly for advice.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: YES. ALL piercings hurt to a degree. Everyone will tolerate them differently. To help it is advised to eat well no more than an hour beforehand, no alcohol 24 hours before, no caffeine 12 hours before, and during the procedure, breathe deeply and do your best to relax. The more you tense up, the worse it will be.

If you are unable to compose yourself during a procedure that puts anyone in the room at risk, you may be given a warning, or asked to leave immediately.

Q: I don't have time to wait! Can I just walk in?

A: You are welcome to walk in, but walk-ins are not a guaranteed service. If you want to ensure you will be seen, it is best to book an appointment so you can be 100% positive you will be seen by me at the desired time. Appointments generally end up with far less waiting time than a walk in, as long as the appointment(s) before you are running on time as well. That being said, please try to plan your visit on a day where time is not too much of a stressor.  Do not try to force time in because you didn't come prepared. (EX: don't come on your work lunch and expect to be helped especially if you're on a timer) Lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my end.

Q: Can I bring my friends?

A: Please limit your groups to 2, if possible. If only 1 person is to be pierced, 1 support buddy is fine. Especially when we are busy, you may be asked to have anyone not there for a procedure that is over a group of 2 to wait outside.

Q: I just turned 18 and do not have an ID. Can I have my parent sign?

A: No. When you turn 18 you become accountable for yourself as you are legally an adult in the eyes of the law. Once you are 18, you must bring a valid form of ID for an adult such as a Driver's License, State Photo ID, Passport, etc. in order to be pierced. Paper copies of ID's (temp ID's) do not count, and we cannot take any photos of your ID since they can easily be manipulated/altered. Social Security cards or school ID's are NOT valid ID's. (School ID is only valid for minors)

Q: I'm under 18 and my parent says no. Can I still get pierced?


A: Not without parent permission. California state law prohibits me from piercing any persons under the age of 18 as they do not have legal right to consent for themselves. The only exception to this rule would be an emancipated minor with proof.

Siblings, aunts, uncles also cannot legally consent for you. Only the natural born guardian (parent) or a legally appointed guardian (proven with paperwork) can be the person to consent for you until you are 18.


Q: I don't have a valid ID. Can I be pierced?


A: No. We cannot process paperwork without a valid ID, every time you come for a procedure. Each waiver is only for the day which is why we require a new copy of your ID each time. The Health Department requires proof of YOUR age, so we need that for every procedure. You are signing a new consent form every time. Please come prepared.


Q: I'm scared!

A: I understand being scared of a piercing. I will always do my best to make you as comfortable as I can for a brief moment of discomfort. As stated above, it is best to relax and breathe the best you can. I will verbally guide you through the process. It is important to take a deep breath, and follow instructions given.

If you cannot sit still, continuously make the piercer wait to do their job (asking to wait or remove the clamps after I've started), grab the piercer's hand at ANY point during the procedure, roll your head away, or anything of the like that puts you or the piercer at risk, you may be asked to leave.

If you cannot relax and show me that you can cooperate to keep my room safe for both you and myself, I will also direct you to leave.

Please understand by piercing you, there is a risk of me being hurt, infected, etc. Please be respectful, know your limits. No hard feelings if you get in the chair and feel you can't go through with it. I would rather this than the alternative.

Q: Can I use jewelry I bought elsewhere to be pierced?

A: No, you cannot bring in your own jewelry. For health and safety reasons, we disallow any outside jewelry to be used for initial piercing. Once it is healed, we will gladly change the existing piercing to your pre-owned jewelry, but only once it is healed and not for new piercings.

Q: Can you numb it?


A: We cannot numb the area as any topical numbing agents will actually make the process more difficult. Topical agents don't metabolize into unbroken skin and do not give the same effect (don't numb the area). As well, since each person metabolizes it differently, your body absorbs the cream and thickens the tissue. Even if I pierce it correctly, once the agent metabolizes completely, the piercing may not sit the same as the skin can sometimes be altered from the numbing agent being absorbed into the skin.

If you come to your appointment with it already on, I will ask you to return another day as not everyone metabolizes them at the same rate and I do not want to cause any problem to your wounds.

Q: I am allergic to nickel or "fake jewelry", do you carry gold?

A: There is no such thing as fake jewelry. Only cheap/low quality jewelry. Jewelry reactions to things from Spencers, Hot Topic, Target (Rowan), Forever 21, Icing, Claire's, Banter, Etc. are common since they are typically cheap metals/metal alloys.

If you are allergic to nickel or low quality jewelry (common) we carry implant grade titanium, 14k gold and niobium. Most people can wear implant grade titanium safely as titanium allergies are incredibly rare. Any gold we may carry will likely have implant grade titanium backings.

Q: Can I get an under the mask piercing?

A: As of now, I have resumed under the mask piercings. I still ask that you visit the shop with a mask on, and only remove it for the procedure when instructed. Please still be mindful of other workers and clients, this is for their safety as well as your own.

Please avoid touching your nose, mouth, or ears directly and be mindful of contamination of your hands.

Q: My jewelry fell out/broke. Can I get a refund?

A: If your jewelry falls out, please try to see myself or another piercer ASAP to get the jewelry placed back in. As a general rule, no refunds are given as you are paying for the jewelry and the service of having it pierced - both in which are given to you. Once you leave the studio, it is on you to ensure the jewelry stays in. Jewelry is by no means permanent, so please be sure to keep a good eye on it. We are here to help so don't hesitate to ask us if anything arises.

Q: I took out my jewelry and the hole closed. What do I do?

A: Please try to see myself or another piercer ASAP to get the jewelry placed back in. Unfortunately if the piercing canal closes there isn't much we can do. At this point you may just need to let the piercing close up and try again. You will have to pay for a new service. Unless you are trying to retire the piercing, it is important to keep the jewelry in during the entirety of its healing. Do NOT take it out to clean it.

Q: I need a re-pierce. Do I get a discount?

A: No. A re-pierce is treated like a new service since I am using tools to create a new piercing. You are being charged for the materials and service, same as a brand new piercing. If you originally purchased jewelry from me*, I can re-use the jewelry and you will be charged a re-processing fee.
*Only from the Newport Beach Location.

Q: I don't like my piercing. Can I get a refund?

A: If the piercing was done correctly, and nothing was said during the original process, most likely the answer is no. If you're unhappy with the placement, I'd be more than happy to discuss the possibility of re-piercing it for you, but this will vary by situation how we will proceed. Please be sure to examine the original marking closely to reduce the chance of this happening.

Q: I followed google's advice and now my piercing is messed up.


A: It is important to follow the advice of your piercer, not google. If something happens, please reach out to me directly to figure out how to proceed. Most times, internet advice is subpar at best and may result in permanent damage of your piercing to the point of having to redo it.

If I give you advice, and you do not follow it, that is on you. it is YOUR responsibility to take care of it properly. I am always happy to help, but if you continually fail to follow my advice I may no longer advise you and cease any further business with you.

Q: I got the wrong piercing!

A: If I have marked you, and we agree on a placement, or you tell me "I trust you", and you end up with the wrong piercing, that is on you, and you are still responsible to pay for the service. (example: wanted a vertical labret, but got a labret) It is REALLY important to do some research on the piercing you want to ensure you are telling me exactly where to put it. Some body parts have a few different types of piercings in a small area so please be familiar with what you are asking for!

Q: My piercing isn't healing. I want a refund.

A: When you are pierced you are paying for the jewelry and the service. It is up to you to take care of it and ensure it heals. This is not a circumstance that warrants a refund. ONCE YOU LEAVE IT IS UP TO YOU TO TAKE CARE OF IT. If you have any issues always feel free to reach out!

I want to really stress the importance of communication. Please always feel free to reach out to me if you feel you need help with your piercing along the way. I want your piercings to heal well! THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS!

Q: If I get multiple piercings, do I get a discount? What about birthdays? Military?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer bulk deals, birthday discounts, or military discounts. Please understand we are a small business and have our prices already set as competitively as we can have them. We cannot reasonably offer these sorts of discounts and expect to stay in business. We hope you understand.
We do, however, have a rewards system that will track your progress automatically with our system (as long as you pay by card so the system can register it).

Q: Do you do tattoos or are you JUST the piercer?



(I do not tattoo, I just poke holes in people, sorry)

Q: I got a bump and put Tea tree oil on it.

A: DON’T! This is a CHEMICAL BURN and can lead to further complications! Tea Tree Oil tends to dry out the skin worse, and generally makes bumps worse while also suffocating it. Regular saline cleanings, figuring out your cause, and stopping it will generally fix the issue. Again, please reach out to me if anything happens so we can get you healed.

Q: Do you pierce babies?

A: No, unfortunately I do not feel comfortable piercing children under the age of 10.

I have concerns of them not healing well due to babies' tendencies to fidget and not being able to keep an eye on them 24/7. There's also a risk of eating the jewelry, touching the jewelry with dirty hands that can cause an infection, (and become complicated fast due to having no or little developed immune systems) as well as most often people end up with crooked piercings later in life that they are stuck with due to them being old and healed. I also prefer to work with humans who have the ability to consent for themselves.

If you still MUST have piercings done for a baby, I highly encourage talking to your pediatrician to do it OR find another very reputable piercer to do it.

Q: Do you offer gun piercings?

A: We do not offer any gun piercings as they cannot be properly sterilized in addition to the complications it creates for the wound. All piercings are done by hand with a hollow single use needle. We pride ourselves on keeping our studio up to the most current standards and practices that are set forth by the APP. While we are not members, we stay as compliant to their guidelines as we can to ensure a safe and sterile experience every time.

Please see my dedicated informational documents on why guns are not ideal for the act of piercing. You can view it here (link pending - up soon!)

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