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  • Get a good nights' rest.

  • Be sure you are familiar with the procedure(s) you want. If you are not sure and have not spoken to me about it beforehand you may be sent home and rescheduled if we cannot decide within the alotted time.

  • Plan a good meal no more than an hour before your appointment.

  • Be sure to have your necessary materials for the procedure including valid ID and anything else you may require.

  • Arrive at least 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

  • Bring your ID with you to have me verify it.

  • Please limit groups. I ask no more than 1 buddy per procedure.

  • Masks are not mandatory. I wear one to not breathe directly in your face while working with you, but masks for clients is totally optional.

  • Try not to bring in excess personal items (jackets you plan not to keep on, purse, etc) and no open food will be permitted inside the shop. Drinks are okay as long as they are in a closed container with a lid.

  • Please be respectful to other customers and employees.

DO NOT (er, TRY NOT TO...)
  • Do not drink alcohol within 24 hours before procedure. This makes you bleed more.

  • Do not drink caffeine within 6-12 hours of procedure. This also makes you bleed more.

  • Do not come to the appointment with any creams or ointments over the area we plan to pierce. If there are any outside materials on the area to be pierced, including numbing cream, you will be turned away and rescheduled.

  • Do your best not to move, under NO circumstances grab the artist, or make any sudden movements after the procedure has been started. (If at any point the artist cannot do their job safely, you may be asked to leave and charged a set up fee.)

  • Under 18 are not allowed in unsupervised UNLESS they're there for a procedure. (Must be 13+) If you have minors under 13 who are unaccompanied by another adult who can watch them, we will ask you to return when the child is accommodated for. We cannot put any child, client, or worker potentially at risk, especially if the parent if the one going under the procedure. 

  • Non-service dogs, please keep at home. I love all the puppers but I will have to deep clean the room when I have any furry visitors. This is strictly for hygienic guidelines by the health department. If you need accommodation for a service dog/animal, please let me know ahead of time.

  • Most importantly, try not to stress! The more you work yourself up, the worse it'll feel! I do my best to make this as comfortable for you as possible - the mind is a powerful tool and will help you sail through this if you come in clear headed and stress-free.

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